Kentucky Pond History

We are a fraternal organization of men and women who work in the Insurance industry and related businesses that has over a century of tradition and history. There are Ponds and Puddles located all over the United States, Canada and Australia.

The precepts of our Order are the promotion of Charity, Fellowship and the Acts of Benevolence. The Blue Goose has over 4,000 members throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. Our Kentucky Pond was chartered in 1907 and currently has over 50 active and life-time members.

We meet once a month for lunch, please see the Event page for details. Membership cost for dues is only $50.00 per year.

The Blue Goose is one of the only professional organizations that is family-oriented and gives members a chance to include their families in conventions and activities. Our Pond has several social events, such as golf tournaments and various charity-oriented activities.

Our Charities are the St. Joseph Children’s Home, KIDS Cerebral Palsy as well as other charities. It is estimated we provide over $18,000.00 to their causes.

Over the Years

It was 1910 that Frank G. Snyder was elected to the station of Grand Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg. After successfully occupying the succeeding stations, in 1913 he was elevated to that of the Most Loyal Grand Gander. A gala occasion was held at the La Salle Hotel, Chicago, Illinois in 1914, and Most Loyal Gander Frank G. Snyder officiated. As the Northwest Conventions were held previous to the Grand Nest meetings in those days, a large attendance was always assured. It was at this meeting that the first Kentucky Colonel model degree team initiated their presentation of the ritual. The members of that team were: James E. Crittenden, Roy Hunt, (the only no-member of the Kentucky and Tennessee Pond), Milton C. Miller, Claude F. Snyder, Sr., George R. Snyder, Robert W. Snyder, H. H. Crittenden, and M. B. Russell.

Since that time, other Kentucky Colonel Model Degree Teams have appeared at Grand Nest Grand Nest meetings: at Cincinnati, Ohio in 1939, in North Carolina in 1941, French Lick, Indiana in 1950 , and Miami Beach, Florida in 1967. By that date, however, the name was changed to, “The Kentucky Colonel Model Initiation Team”.

In the early days there was some “horse play” after the ritual by giving the Goslings a rough time with electrical gadgets, etc. However, this has been discontinued and the initiations are now handled with great dignity and decorum.

During 1916, Tennessee applied for and was granted a separate charter by the Grand Nest. At that time, of course, the Kentucky Pond name was adopted. After this date, a drop in membership caused concern, but by the late the late 1930’s, the roster had increased to 128 members.

The 1960’s became another time of declining membership due to the property insurance companies steadily withdrawing moral and monetary support from insurance related organizations. No longer were combined annual conventions being held by the Kentucky Capital Stock Insurance Association, the Kentucky State Prevention Association, and the Kentucky Pond (all essentially the same membership). Of these three groups, only the Kentucky Pond remains, and it took a Grand Nest convention in Louisville in 1972 to effect an increase in membership.

Browne B. Bolton, Most Loyal Gander of the Kentucky Pond in 1960-61, became the Most Loyal Grand Gander 1971; the 66th Grand Nest Convention was held August 6 through10, 1972, in Louisville.

Since the 1972 Grand Nest, the Kentucky Pond roster has again been up and down, but recent eligibility liberalizations have again caused a slight increase.

For only the second time in the history of the Order, a father, then his son, have served as Most Loyal Grand Gander. Browne’s son Bruce was elevated to that office in 1991, and provided excellent leadership.

Early in 1992, however, the Order was deeply saddened when Browne, the Grand Nest Historian and one of our most active members, took his last long flight.

The 86th Grand Nest convention was held in Louisville August 16 through 19, 1992, and it was very well attended.

It was with great honor and privilege to have Liz Cecil inducted as the very first female member of the Kentucky Pond on June 25, 1997.

It is with a sense of satisfaction to realize that the Kentucky Pond is thriving, and approaching the next century with optimism.

Note: as compiled by one of our own member’s, David Winges, P.M.L.G. that he had printed in 1994 and revised in 2003 and now updated by Don Greeno, P.M.L.G, KGGE,Wielder and now the Kentucky Pond Historian.

Pond Activities

The Kentucky Pond of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International exists to be a conscious supporter in our community. We have adopted several local charities, including

  • Kids Center, a part of Kosair Charities
  • St. Joseph’s Children’s Home
  • Denny Crum’s Scholarship Fund
  • Down Syndrome of Louisville

Our mission is to contribute financially to each of these organizations on an annual basis. We raise money through golf outings and personal donations. While monetary donations are great, we encourage our group to be mobile as our most valuable asset is US! Together, our group can all personally volunteer on-site to impact our community in greater ways.

Historically, the Kentucky Pond has sponsored a number of charitable entities and participated in many wonderful activities, like the annual Kosair Crippled Children’s Hospital picnic and preparing popcorn each Sunday afternoon for patients at the hospital. Although we do not want to spread ourselves to thin and we want to maximize our ability to provide substantial donations to those we already support, the Kentucky Pond is open to supporting other worthy community causes.

Don, mother Kelly & Jordyn at Kid’s Fashion Show

Don, mother Kelly & Jordyn at Kid’s Fashion Show

A little guy participating in the Kid’s Fashion Show

A little guy participating in the Kid’s Fashion Show


The Kentucky Pond likes to provide educational opportunities for its members that are pertinent to their profession. On November 6, 2012, we sponsored a Continuing Education Session for insurance adjusters and agents on Workmen’s Compensation C E Credits for licensing.

Kentucky’s Most Loyal Grand Ganders

Kentucky Pond received its charter in 1907 which amazingly is only one year after it all began in 1906.  Perhaps some of you may recognize the names of a few of these past MLG’s.

1907-1908 A.F. Bolling1945-1946 C. E. Fieldhouse1981-1982 Ed Musterman
1908-1909 W.H. Wheeler1946-1947 W. E. Kingsley1982-1983 David Winges
1909-1910 F.G. Snyder *1947-1948 W. M. Horn1983-1984 Bruce Bolton ***
1910-1911 Wm. Sowards1948-1949 T. J. Nicol1984-1985 C. Kaltenthaler
1911-1912 C.F Snyder1949-1950 Curtis B. Tarter1985-1986 Louis J. Mattei
1912-1913 M. B. Russell1950-1951 Henry E. Timmons1986-1987 Ron Dolen
1913-1914 H. Lee Upton1951-1952 R. K. Langan1987-1988 Gregory Allgeier
1914-1915 R. W. Snyder1952-1953 George E. Stetner1988-1989 David J. Boyle
1915-1916 James E. Chittenden1953-1954 J. L. Thompson1989-1990 Dennis K. Easton
1916-1917 G. A. Curry1954-1955 Marten W. Boedeker1990-1991 Harry Edelstein
1917-1918 George R. Snyder1955-1956 R. A. Copes1991-1992 A. Courtney Guild
1918-1919 George R. Snyder1956-1957 H. L Trimble1992-1993 Don Greeno
1919-1920 Frank M. Drake1957-1958 George Olmstead1993-1994 Don Greeno
1920-1921 M. C. Miller1958-1959 A. H. Voelcker1994-1995 Charles Nahm
1921-1922 Chittenden1959 Shirley Lawrence1995-1996 Don Greeno
1922-1923 Bennett B. Bean1959-1960 A. D. Hill1996-1997 Rusty Burnett
1923-1924 Gordon E. Head1960 Ed Jackson1997-1998 Charles Robinson
1924-1925 E. C. Knoop1960-1961 Browne B. Bolton **1998-1999 Chris Allgeier
1925-1926 J. V. Bowman1961-1962 Wendell Harris1999-2000 Bill Goff
1926-1927 G. Reynolds Carson1962-1963 J. R. Snyder2000-2001 Elizabeth Cecil
1927-1928 F. R. McPherson1963-1964 Frank Stanhope2001-2002 Jim Flitt
1928-1929 H. W. Robertson1964-1965 Martin Iuler2002-2003 Tom Cecil
1929-1930 George L. Frank1965-1966 Robert Fossett2003-2004 Tom Elder
1930-1931 Wm. E. Clark1966-1967 E. H. Tichenor2004-2005 Charles McBride
1931-1932 W. P. Huffman1967-1968 John Blackmarr2005-2006 Art Dickerson
1932-1933 J. H. Harrison1968-1969 C. S. Townsend2006-2007 Bob Davis
1933-1934 J. A. Heitmeyer1969-1970 Leroy Morgan2007-2008 Shannon Seebert
1934-1935 W. H. Strossman1970-1971 H. Pell Brown2008-2009 Travis Kiser
1935-1936 M. T. Collins1971-1972 Joe D. Smith2009-2010 Deb Beaven
1936-1937 L. E. Driscoll1972-1973 Robert C. Gocke2010-2011 Greg Scheer
1937-1938 C. P. Thurman1973-1974 E. W. Corrigan2011-2012 Greg Scheer
1938-1939 R. L. Meeks1974-1975 Edwin B. Moore2013-2014 Angie Gabbard
1939-1940 Marshall Mellor1975-1976 Paul H. Cooke2014-2015 Angie Gabbard
1940-1941 I. J. Holmgren1976-1977 James E. Mott2015-2016 Doug Dawson
1941-1942 E. C. Hill1977-1978 Wm. G. Mick2016-2017 Doug Dawson
1942-1943 George B. Akin1978-1979 Paul W. Claypool2017-2018 Rob Shrader
1943-1944 Frank B. Nelson1979-1980 Martin Schad2018-2019 Shannon Seebert/Jamie Bruner
1944-1945 S. E. Holland1980-1981 W. T. Hockensmith

Grand Nest History

100 Year Celebration

The Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International celebrated its 100th year in 2006.  Below shows the Grand Nest Officers in the year 2006 when the Blue Goose first took flight Green Lake, Wisconsin.  Also shown, is an illustration of the Birthplace in Green Lake.

The Grand Nest Officers in the year 1906
(center) Walter E. Atwater — Most Loyal Grand Gander
(top left) W. E. Golden — His Highness Supervisor of the Flock
(lower left) George A. Roberts — Grand Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg
(upper right) Walter W. Conkin — Grand Custodian of the Goslings
(lower right) George Heller Jr. — Grand Wielder of the Goose Quill

The Oakwood Green Lake WI Birthplace of Blue GooseI