About the Blue Goose

The Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, International is a fraternal and charitable organization of men and women that work in the insurance industry.

We focus on these Cardinal Principles of CHARACTER, CHARITY, AND FELLOWSHIP, which we see as ‘giving back,’ to our communities in charity, to each other in fellowship and to ourselves in the development of character and integrity in the insurance business.

We have monthly events in the form of lunches and/or fundraisers where we raise money for a local charities.

We also attend yearly Blue Goose National Conventions, which we get to host in 2026.

For even more information about our organization check out our Grand Nest Website Click Here

Meet our Board Members

Chris PorterMost Loyal Gander
Karen DahlemSupervisor of the Flock
Tina BellCustodian of the Goslings
Kristi BrownKeeper of the Golden Goose Egg
Tom ElderPast Most Loyal Gander
Angie HaycraftGuardian of the Pond
Angie GabbardLexington Puddle Liaison
Melissa NazarioLexington Puddle Liaison
Sarah MillerWielder of the Pond
Kim KelleyPast Most Loyal Gander
Shannon SeebertPast Most Loyal Gander
Terri O’NeilPast Most Loyal Gander

We are always looking for new board members to help us grow this wonderful pond!

Any members in good standing in the Kentucky Pond can be part of the board.

We have various needs and can find you a spot!

Click Here and send us your information!